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Foreclosure Listings
Site NameAddressDateofSaleTimeofSaleCountyBid
nobles8176 creekside cir n, memphis2/22/201112:00 PMshelby 
rains123 dodge drive, nashville2/18/201112:00 PMdavidson$44,234.85
brent CANCELED2030 sugartree dr, murfreesboro2/21/201112:00 PMrutherford$0.00
alley712 cedar grove, ripley2/23/201112:00 PMlauderdale 
hatmaker2828 ellejoy rd, walland2/18/201112:00 PMblount$114,472.54
roberts482 state highway 304, decatur2/18/201112:00 PMmeigs$36,086.32
alsobrook5100 cottonwood, memphis4/11/2011 12:00 PMshelby$0.00
thompson431 parside cir, lebanon2/18/201112:00 PMwilson$66,740.30
wilder18 old lynchburg hwy NE, mulberry2/23/201112:00 PMLincoln 
pursell3415 west end ave, nashville2/18/201112:00 PMdavidson$108,647.00
whitehead20 leslie dr, jackson2/21/201112:00 PMmadison 
quick48 craig rd, ripley2/18/201112:00 PMlauderdale$0.00
wood6429 brownlee dr2/18/201112:00 PMDAVIDSON248339.43